"INHALE THE FALL – Melodic Hard Rock and Melodic Metal fans get prepared. INHALE THE FALL have entered the Metal building. Their new music video for their new song Weak is a totality of melodically heavy bliss. Both song and video = quality enriched. This Irish band should be on ALL Rock, Hard Rock and Metal aficionado’s radars… they have that much sumptuous crossover appeal!...." Metal Odyssey
"Fast rising rock band Inhale The Fall have released the official video for their new single, “Weak.”Introduced by a thumping bass line that will later guide you through the verses, “Weak” builds fast and then explodes in a flurry of female-lead alternative rock goodness that is accompanied by killer visuals. The video features a horror movie storyline mixed with brilliantly edited performance footage that perfectly showcases the lighter and darker sides of the band’s personality...." Our Stage

"The entire band...delivers a feisty, unapologetic rock n’ roll sound. The outstanding musicianship is especially evident in the recording of this song, as all the band members meld together to form a formidable sonic assault..." Jamsphere






"Songs With Substance...Rising rock/metal group Inhale The Fall are being touted as a breath of fresh air by Cork fans. Play’s Maria Tracey talks to two of the group’s members, Pavol Rosa and Eibhlin Palfrey about performing covers, creating albums and going independent." The Cork News
"Cork itself is not a place that immediately springs to mind when thinking of hard rock bands. Consisting of Jenny O’ Keeffe (Vocals), Pavol Rosa (Guitar), Alex Hornibrook (Guitar), Eibhlin Palfrey (Bass) and Barry Wilson (Drums)- Inhale the Fall have been taking Ireland by storm. Described as ‘infectiously melodic’; the band is eagerly awaiting the release of their debut..." Secret Sounds"

"Stark scenes of physical abuse, date rape and violent revenge: Cork metal-merchants Inhale The Fall's vengeful new video is as dark as the towering black platforms and big hair adorned by the band themselves. Almost..."" The Evening Echo"


" Featuring the soaring vocals of Jenny O'Keefe, the band give us 4 tracks of totally infectious, well produced and gritty melodic music to get our teeth into, and bloomin' good it is too I might add...This a welcome change from the Gothy Symphonic Music that is flooding the Female Fronted music scene at the moment." Ravenheart Music


"...Jenny O’ Keeffe’s stunning vocal performance, which switches effortlessly between the almost ethereal entrancement of the aforesaid ‘Fearless’ to the ballsiness of ‘Under Your Skin’ and the downright contradictory in-your-face strut of the magnificent ‘Weak’...there is enough oomph to appeal to rock purists (the guitars on on ‘All Apologies’ and ‘Weak’ are so gritty you can almost smell the grime under the fingernails) ..." Planet Mosh


"...Rosa is a master at coaxing heavy tones and ethereal effects from his Telecaster, which is a guitar more associated with country music than hard rock. ...O’Keefe...really proves she is to be regarded as one of the elite female vocalists in hard rock music. On a related note, the video to this song is a must-see. Produced by a local production company in Cork, it is a highly impressive work that could easily hold its own any major label effort." Screamer Magazine